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No piano collection is complete without a Fender Rhodes. Many models have been introduced over the years and we take pride in servicing them all! We provide professional services including:

The most common issue with the Rhodes' tonal capability is aging rubber isolation grommets which isolate the vibrating tine & tonebar from the harp assembly. At their current age, most grommets resemble a hard plastic as opposed to pliable rubber, the effect of which stiffles vibration and prevents clear tone and long sustain. Futhermore, worn tonebar screws can make action regulation an insurmountable challenge. We offer official Vintage Vibe reproduction grommets and action screws for improved piano tone and playability!


1974 Mk.I Fender Rhodes Stage 88 rebuild

This piano arrived completely disassembled and previously stripped of its tolex due to mold and mildew growth. Yuk! We decided to restore it in a natural wood finish for an eye-catching appearance.

1970 Peterson Rhodes Preamp

Yes. The Holy Grail of Rhodes' preamps. This one set the bar high and no future preamp would ever come close to topping the luscious curves of the cat's-eye tremolo waveform - in stereo panning no-less! Lots of proof out there, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock to name a few.